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CCR, which strengthens its expert staff continuously, included Bengü Güneş Yağcıoğlu, a successful name in the sector, in its team as the Middle East Regional Director. Yağcıoğlu, who especially draws attention with her successful career in the Telecommunication and Outsource Call Center sectors, has 16 years’ of experience.
CCR, which hit the headlines in Turkey by adding many finance, e-commerce and outsource call centers in its reference list, continues to strengthen its team ceaselessly in order to become the leading technology company in the European and Middle Eastern call center sector.
Finally Bengü Güneş Yağcıoğlu, an important name of the sector, was recruited in the CCR family and was appointed as the Middle East Regional Director. Yağcıoğlu has more than 15 years’ of experience in the fields of sales, marketing, business development and in the sectors of outsource call center and telecommunication.
Bengü Güneş Yağcıoğlu, who completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Uludağ University, Department of Economics, gained expertise on the fields of business administration, human resources, sales and management through the educations she received in Bosphorus and Istanbul Universities. Yağcıoğlu, who commenced her professional life in Kariyer.Net worked there for 5 years in different management cadres.  After she assumed Turkcell company’s leading corporate customer management, she was assigned as the Finance Segment Sales Director in Vodafone.
“We are Excited to Grow in the Middle Eastern Market”
Türker Erkin, the CEO of CCR, who made an explanation about the transfer of Yağcıoğlu that functioned as the Deputy General Director Responsible for Sales, Marketing and Business Development in CMC before joining CCR, stated the following: “CCR is a rapidly and steadily growing company. Turkey is our homeland. Our references increase every day. Especially with our new customers that we will announce within several months, one will more clearly understand the investment plan we are engaging for our country. In the meantime, we have decided to open an office in the Middle East, which we believe will be a very important market for us after Europe. In Short Time, we will prove our quality and strength also in this region. We are excited to grow in the Middle Eastern Market with Miss. Bengü, a leading name in the sector. No so many people estimated the assembly of such a team. But right from the beginning, we targeted to become the sector’s leading technology company not only in Turkey, but also in the region. Today, we have references in 5 countries and we develop projects in 10 countries.  The entire CCR team possesses a passion and ambition just like they started working today”.

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