Germany based virtualQ producing virtual hold software for smart queue management received consultation from Interactive Solutions for Genesys integration.
 VirtualQ, which allows customers waiting in the queue for call center agents to change their workflow, received consultancy from Interactive Solutions on what they need to do to integrate Genesys.
In addition to consulting services, virtualQ also decided to work with Interactive Solutions on Genesys projects. The company officials who came together for the first time in the CCW trade show, started a strategic partnership after consulting.
Interactive Solutions CEO’su Türker Erkin evaluated the partnership with following words:“VirtualQ is an innovative product that promises to be both a product that increases customer satisfaction and reduces agent stress. based on the facts that 87% of customers who call the call center does not wait more than 3 minutes and 66% had changed service providers because of long waiting times. Given our innovative performance and our knowledge of Genesys, I welcome the choice of Interactive Solutions for integration and I think it is a very appropriate decision.” And added his opinions on customers abroad
“We contacted with virtualQ first in CCW. This is why international events are very important. If you are a focused and innovative company, you will be able to find clients, solution partners from around the world. With this vision, we will continue to participate both in foreign events as well as abroad and especially in Europe.”
About virtualQ:
What is virtualQ?virtualQ is an intelligent call waiting system.
How it works?When the customer calls the call center, the virtualQ queues the customer and the customer hangs up  the phone. When the customers turn  comes, virtualQ reminds the customer to call the call center. If the customer calls the call center in the given time interval, is connected to the first avaliable agent.

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