Mediterra CapItal gets IT leader

Mediterra Capital, data backup, archiving, storage issues of leading companies in the IT services market, also bought Glasshouse's largest 1,000 companies doing business with Turkey. Orhan Ayanlar, a partner of Mediterra Capital, said, "We plan to invest between 70 and 100 million euros including 2015 for GlassHouse."

MedIterra CapItal, bilişim liderini aldı

MedIterra CapItal gets IT leader
Mediterra Capital, data backup, archiving, storage issues of leading companies in the IT services market, also bought Glasshouse's largest 1,000 companies doing business with Turkey. Orhan Ayanlar, a partner of Mediterra Capital, and Alp Bağrıaçık, General Manager of GlassHouse, took this purchase, which took place in the first days of the new year, to DHA. Moon who, leader of one of the most important objectives in the field in Turkey Mediterra Capital invest in medium-sized companies, told them that enlarge and create jobs. Ayans bought GlassHouse in line with this goal and announced that the number of companies they invested in the technology sector increased to 5.


Moon who, "We operate a 300 million euro from the two funds. Our aim is to invest in companies in the mid-scale in Turkey, it is to enlarge and create jobs. 4-5 years and then sell our stake in these companies. As team up in Mediterra Today, three main we invested 30 in the sector and sold the company in 22, which are companies close to the consumer, companies serving SMEs and medium-sized companies, and medium-sized companies selling abroad.


Bearing in mind that they are investing in companies that are leaders in the sector, Orhan Ayanlar said of investments:

"We are trying to bring a good management team to the company we are investing in and to bring it to a certain point in a short time by establishing a good vision and strategy.One of our most important criteria is that we need to determine if there are 'added value' in the companies we will invest in. 50 to 250 million turnover in Turkey is to invest in mid-sized companies. we bought Glasshouse two days ago. one is the technology of the main sectors in which we invested in. so far as Mediterra Capital we have invested in Turkey's leading technology companies. previously the 'Logo software ',' mobilized ',' 3pay ',' Netsis we invest; 5'incisi was the glasshouse. the company invest more in the technology sector in Turkey "


Orhan Ayanlar stated that the most important goals of GlassHouse, which is the leader in data backup sector, is to increase the turnover four or five times. Moon who, "A good team, we want to fulfill all requests relating to our customers' data. This area in the last two years generated data too much from the data generated from the history of mankind. Therefore, data density and accuracy is very high. In glasshouse already a leader in Turkey in this field a company, "he said.


Orhan Ayanlar underlined that Mediterra Capital invested by purchasing at least 2 or 3 companies in the Senate, "We made the first investment of 2018 by buying GlassHouse and we plan to invest 70 to 100 million euros including 201H GlassHouse" he said.


Alps Bagriakik, who was appointed General Manager of GlassHouse after the purchase, said that GlassHouse will work to ensure growth in new areas and new markets. Bağrıaçık, "IT space in both the world as well as a transformation in Turkey '(conversion) is experiencing. Large companies are using the data they are trying to provide better service to consumers. We see in the field of information technology together with this digital transformation is a transformation. Hardware infrastructure market in Turkey "At the same time, this hardware market has a service footprint, and there is a $ 1.4 billion market, which adds up to a market of almost $ 2 billion," he said.


The Glasshouse underlines that operate in data backup section Bağrıaçık Alba, "We are doing business with Turkey's largest thousand companies. We have a market share of 60 percent in our own segment," he said.

"With Mediterra's purchase, we will also go through an transformation," Bagriaçik said:

"So far we were giving our clients data backup in service now software-based 'data center technology' will give our service in new technologies. Are services that can be managed second growth area for us. There's a triple market the hardware market in Turkey. Here to take our share of the maximum market using our talent One of the most important investments we would like to make is to open up international markets and turn our knowledge into exports, GlassHouse is the clearest sector in the field of data back-up. But when you start to grow and produce 'know-how' abroad, you need to have a financial structure that you can see before you enter into software-based technologies, especially in management and investment. ize will add 'know-how' in all these areas.


The European Reconstruction and Development Bank among investors (EBRD), the European Investment Fund (EIF), the Netherlands Investment and Development Bank (FMO), International Finance Corporation, Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) in an international and domestic institutions like. Other investments of Mediterra Capital include Logo Software, Arzum, Söken, Chicken World, Ugurlu Fish, Mobil, Micro Payments and ACP Insurance Brokerage, Arkel. Mediterra is a leading venture capital fund investing in mid-size companies and SMEs in Turkey.


 glasshouse, since 2004 in Turkey and EMEA data backup, archiving, offers qualified consulting services and solutions in the storage issues. Firsts and pioneering service portfolio in the area of ​​the solutions that appeal to all institutions and the public and private sectors glasshouse, Turkey continues to work towards the goal of making professional services center in a wide geography.

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