Company Profile

Call Center Resources was founded in January 2011. Interactive Intelligence Elite Partner CCR continues to grow its staff day by day.
With over 20 years of experience in call center and voice solutions sector, company’s main aim is to overcome the shortage of qualified and experienced personnel.
Our mission is to assist our customers with top-notch solutions, consultancy, development and implementation services, using the state-of-the-art technology and qualified human resources in the call center and voice solutions area.
CCR provides complete business solutions for Call Centers:
– Business and technical consultancy
– Outsourced technical support & project management
– Technical, admin and supervisor trainings
– Technical project design, development and management services
– Monitoring call center infrastructure and applications
– Hosted call center solutions
– Flexible monthly based licensing
– Outsourced human resources

CCR has a qualified and experienced team who has following skills:

– ININ installation and configuration
– Advanced handler development
– Interaction Dialer Certification
– Interaction Optimizer Certification
– Workforce management consultancy
– Microsoft and IT security consultancy
– Web service development
– C#, .Net, ICELib, database and IVR development
– Outbound script development

Environmental Consciousness

In CCR we believe that being a leader means to take responsibility and with this vision we know the importance of leaving a better world to future generations.
We commited to reducing our carbon foot print and energy consumption in our company operations. We prefer environment friendly products in both our headquarters lightning and electrial equipments as well as our company cars.

What we did in Turkey

  • Designed, implemented over 30 ININ projects
  • Developed over 30 Inbound ININ IVRs
  • First ININ HMP VoIP project
  • First Interaction Dialer project
  • First Interaction Optimizer project
  • First SIP Bulk Caller project
  • First Web Services implementation
  • First speech recognition implementation
  • Implemented advanced Dialer Projects
  • Delivered ININ installation, configuration, VoIP, handlers, Dialer and Optimizer trainings
  • Trained engineers who today work at ININ customers and partners

What we did in Middle East

  • Designed, implemented and supported over 10 ININ projects in Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt
  • First ININ HMP VoIP project
  • Saudi Telecom and Saudi Aramco Communité projects
  • Implemented advanced Dialer and Optimizer projects
  • Assisted and trained ININ Middle East partners
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