Here an overview of the products and services we provide.
Free Cooling Systems
Baran free-cooling Systems provide maximum cooling with minimum energy. Remote monitoring and control that offers you up to 90%, saving energy and minimize operating costs with preventive maintenance that can be expressed through bear its own costs and in a short time will pay off. For more information;
Battery Backup systems
Battery Backup System is a system which charges the battery with received energy from mains and then delivers to DC 48V and/or AC 220V output. When mains is off, system feeds the field for a while according to capacity of batteries. Battery Backup units developed for Radio-links. When the powerline is online system supplies the Radio-link by using its internal power supply while charging the battery automatically. If there is no AC mains uses battery as a Power source to supply the Radio-link. For more information;
Energy Management Systems
Energy Management System provides maximum flexibility by giving the user the possibility of different working situations and time programming in areas where lighting and temperature control are required. This system prevents shop staff from switching on and off with their own initiatives (lighting, air conditioning, heating, drink cabinets, etc.). The system allows all electrical equipment to be automatically switched on and off within the program set by the Store Manager. It prevents that to open any number of lighting lamps or to keep them open for any length of time even it is not necessary and prevents the arbitrary opening and closing of the air conditioners or the adjustment of the heating or cooling values to high and low values when not required. For more details;
Founders Ertuğrul Eraslan, Ahmet Çabri
CEO Ertuğrul Eraslan/Ahmet Çabri
HQ Origin Country/City Turkey/İstanbul
Founding Year 2006
Number of Employees 11-50
Website Url
Vendor Company
Target Sectors Telecommunication Sector
Target Countries/Regions Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, South America, South Eastern Asia

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